This year, the world's favorite confection is going darker, dreamier, more personal, more premium — and even pink!
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Next-Level Chocolate You Can Buy Online

  • Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate Bar; To buy: $26.04 at
  • Lindt Excellence Bar; To buy: $29.76 at
  • Chocolove Extreme Dark Chocolate Bar; To buy: $34.99 at
  • Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate; To buy: $9.99 at
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1. Seriously Dark Bittersweet chocolate not dark enough for you? You’ve got plenty to choose from! Chocolate-makers are exploring the darker side. Look for “extreme,” “ultra dark,” “extra dark,” and cacao percentages of 85% and up.

2. Personal and Premium Creative brands like San Francisco’s Dick Taylor are personalizing the chocolate aisle with single-source, limited-release chocolates. Famed chef Thomas Keller and olive oil-maker Armando Manni have entered the fray with K+M, a line of premium chocolates made with extra-virgin olive oil.

3. Pretty in pink Dubbed the fourth chocolate (after dark, milk, and white), ruby chocolate is naturally pink and fruity tasting. Pioneered and patented by chocolate-maker Barry Callebaut, the new variety comes from special ruby cacao beans. Ruby chocolate is still a bit rare on store shelves, but major brands are weaving it into their Valentine’s Day offerings. Examples: ruby cacao truffles from Harry & David or the passion-fruit-filled ruby cacao bar from Chocolove.

ruby chocolate

Try ruby chocolate to make these desserts extra pretty:

Ruby Chocolate Rocky Road
Photo by Tenina Holder
ruby chocolate cheesecake dip
Credit: fabeverydayblog
chocolate dipped strawberries
Credit: Kristen Prahl / Getty Images


This article originally appeared in the February/March 2020 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.