Reese's Fans Will Go Nuts Over This Crunchy Upgrade

At long last, Reese's new, hotly anticipated peanut butter cup is just days away. Yep, come May, Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cups are hitting a candy shelf near you.

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Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups will run you $1.09 for the regular two-cup size, and $1.79 for the king size. | Photo by Reese's.

Just imagine your classic, delicious Reese's cup, but add crunchy chocolate cookie bits to the peanut buttery center. As someone who really, really appreciates any extra crunch I can get out of my treats (I'll pass on the solid Hershey chocolate, but will take all the Krackles), my mouth is already watering. Looks like I'll have a new favorite candy to sneak into the movie theater along with my Twizzlers.

If you get antsy over the weekend, below is a recipe to tide you over. I recommend sprinkling chocolate cookie crumbles (Oreos or maybe even biscotti for something really crunchy) on top before the chocolate hardens to mimic the real deal.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups should get you through the weekend.
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