I recently wrote about a new crop of apples to hit the market that pretty much sounded like my dream apple: the Cosmic Crisp. Even the name sounds amazing. But now, there might be some pretty stiff—or I should probably say, crisp—competition from the Rave apple. A crossbreed of Honeycrisp and MonArc, the Rave is supposed to be juicer than the Honeycrisp and a little more tart like a Granny Smith. Sold. Seriously. I'm already raving about them. Gimme-gimme.

The Rave apple crop is available now—go get 'em! | Image by Stemilt.

Okay, when/where can I get them? Grown exclusively by Washington state's Stemilt growers, they are the first crop of the season to be available, so they're out and about now in select grocery stores, but only for about a month. So if you see them, snatch ‘em up at $2.99/lb. for a late summer cheese plate.

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