The Most Exciting New Products Coming to Trader Joe's According to Employees

We've been waiting for this riff on one of our always-in-cart items.

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On the latest episode of the Trader Joe's podcast, co-hosts Tara Miller and Matt Sloan covered all the announcements that took place at Trader Joe's Annual Captain's meeting. The meeting brings together the captains (aka managers) from Trader Joe's stores from across the country to celebrate past successes, solve problems for the future, as well as make some big announcements.

This year, the biggest announcement was that "Demo is Back." TJ's is famous for letting customers try anything they want before buying, and just like Costco, usually has samples out for customers to dig into while shopping. But all of that went by the wayside with the pandemic, until now.

After that big announcement, Miller and Sloan asked some captains which products they were excited to demo at their stores first and some of their answers led to leaks about new products that are coming but haven't yet hit stores.

New Trader Joe's Products Coming to Stores Soon

Turkey Tips

"Is this turkey tips? Like this is like pieces of advice from turkey?" jokes Sloan. But no, it's actually a product that's supposedly coming out this holiday season. We reached out to Trader Joe's marketing professionals for more information, but they declined to comment. So if we had to guess, it's probably turkey tenderloin cut into small pieces, similar to beef tips.

Toscana Spread

If you haven't had any of the many iterations of Trader Joe's Creamy Toscana Cheese (in flavors like: Soaked in Syrah, Soaked in Chardonnay Wine, and even Dusted with Cinnamon), start there. The cheese is the perfect textural balance between a soft and hard cheese with a nice mild taste that leaves room for added seasonal flavors. We can only imagine this spread will be just as good and perfect for adding to a cheese board or making grilled cheese. As Sloan says, "I didn't think that we needed it until I tasted it. I'm hoping that we ordered enough of that one."

Cannoli Dip

Again, we don't have much to go off here except that this is a dessert dip being raved about by Trader Joe's employees. We imagine it will be akin to a cannoli filling, in which case we are already on board for scooping up with strawberries, cookies, and even a square of dark chocolate.

Cinnamon Roll Joe Joe's

The ever-popular sandwich cookie is back in yet another seasonal flavor. We're guessing they'll be similar to the new Pumpkin Spice Joe Joe's that came out this fall, which feature a yogurt flavor coating. If you read our review, you'll know why we're skeptical about this new release, but we're willing to try everything once!

Chocolate-Chocolate Croissants

Last but certainly not least is this riff on a long-standing favorite: the frozen Chocolate Croissants. Even though you have to remember to let them rise overnight before baking in the morning, nothing beats a fresh-out-of-the-oven croissant at breakfast or brunch. And this version doesn't just have melty chocolate in the middle, it also features a chocolate-flavored dough. Miller says they're only available for a limited run, so as soon as you see them, grab as many as you can fit in your freezer because they won't be available for long.

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