Is McDonald's Banning Plastic Straws?

Move over Starbucks—it appears Mickey D's is joining the "sippy cup" club.

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Remember a time (before the pandemic) when the biggest story in the news was plastic straws wreaking havoc in our oceans? I was still a Starbucks barista when they first introduced their strawless lids. Now, though you can still find straws lingering in Starbucks stores, their new lid has been a mainstay ever since. It seems that McDonald's is following suit and piloting a new type of strawless lid in select locations.

It doesn't come as much of a surprise since the company declared its commitment to being more environmentally conscious in 100% of its restaurants. If you want to see what the new lids look like, there are plenty of TikTok videos that give you a glimpse of its design. According to the company's spokesperson, this shift to a new lid is one of the ways they are reducing waste globally. This comes on the heels of the introduction of the infamous paper straws that has a reputation for disintegrating in your favorite large Sprite.

What You Need to Know About McDonald's New Lids

The lid design is actually something you are quite used to. If you ever ordered a hot coffee from McDonald's you know all about the flap that opens at the top. This new lid has the same design. This is a departure from the Starbucks version with an open slit or hole that doesn't require the removal of a flap.

Will This Lid Work?

It is too early to tell how this new design will test a large soda with ice. Just imagine being in the drive-thru line, handling your 10-piece McNuggets, large fries, and Big Mac (don't judge my order), and trying to keep your soda steady. The new strawless lid could be the catalyst to screaming expletives in your car because of a spill, or it could pleasantly shock you. If it has worked for their hot offerings for this long, we can only hope it will triumph for the rest.

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