And that's in addition to Apple Pie and Birthday Cake, which have been confirmed for next year already.

By Isadora Baum
December 02, 2019

Kit Kat is popular the world over for their crispy layers wrapped in creamy chocolate. Japan has dozens of flavors you won't find in America, like Green Tea and Banana. Stateside introductions like Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat and Mint Dark Chocolate are roundly welcomed by the candy's fans. Now, the Hershey-owned company is enticing their loyal candy cravers with hints of new flavors to come.

In 2020, Kit Kat is already set to release an Apple Pie-flavored bar and a Birthday Cake-flavored bar, but the sugary rumor mill says there could be six more Kit Kat varieties for 2020, making a half dozen new flavors in total to look forward to.

As for the six flavors, it's rumored they will be Chocolate Cream Pie, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy, and Cherry Cola, according to Instagram account @markie_devo, who found a photo of the four potential flavors at Walmart. More recently, they also shared a leak that suggests Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Pie Kit Kats could be happening, too. That's 8 new flavors in one year. We're not worthy!

It's unclear when the new Kit Kat candies be on shelves. It's likely, however, these will be limited-edition releases, so be sure to grab a few if and when you see them.

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