New Balance's New Jolly Rancher Collection Is as Colorful and Bold as the Candy

These are some sweet sneaks.

New Balance Jolly Rancher KAWHI signature shoes
Photo: The Hershey Company

New Balance just revealed a brand-new collection of sneakers and apparel inspired by Jolly Rancher candies, those sweet, hard candies that last forever in your mouth and make great centers for stained glass cookies. And while we may not be ones to get overly excited about sneakers very often, there's something so fun about these new, colorful kicks.

The new shoes will be a part of the KAWHI signature shoe collection, created in collaboration with LA Clippers' player Kawhi Leonard. New Balance says the sneakers mirror Kawhi's personality and reflect the style of his favorite candy, Jolly Rancher. There's even a sneaker inspired by his favor Jolly Rancher flavor, blue raspberry.

The New Balance KAWHI Jolly Rancher Collection will feature two different color styles — Assorted Flavors (all the colors) and Blue Raspberry (predominately blue) — and a range of other shoes, including sport slide sandals and revamped classic New Balance styles. They've also created a line of t-shirts featuring the typically-funny Jolly Rancher fruit gang repping Kawhi's signature serious, steely expression.

several shoes from the New Balance KAWHI Jolly Rancher collection on a white background
New Balance

The cartoon fruit gang will be on other pieces of the collection, too. They'll be subtly placed on the sneakers, tucked onto tongues or heels. But they're the main decorative feature on the sport slides.

The New Balance KAWHI Jolly Rancher Collection, the first shoe collaboration for Jolly Rancher and any of the brands at The Hershey Company, is expected to be released in late October on New Balance's web site. Prices will range from $35 for the sports slides up to $160 for the KAWHI signature basketball shoes. You'll also be able to buy pieces of the merchandise at Hershey's Chocolate World in Times Square and Las Vegas.

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