Cosmic Crisp: Quite possibly coolest name for an apple ever. It suggests an otherworldienss to this new variety, and Washington state farmers are certainly betting that it will be out of this world. NPR reports that the apples - developed at Washington State University - are currently being planted by the millions, and the first crop is projected to turn out 5 million 40-pound boxes. Just for context, the Honeycrisp (my personal fave, but one that is apparently harder to grow) took 20 years to work up to those kind of production numbers.

Farmers say the Cosmic Crisp apples are the perfect balance of tart and sweet, extraordinarily juicy and crisp, and slow to brown. YUM!

Farmers are planting millions of Cosmic Crisp apple trees for a debut in the fall of 2019. | Photo by Wikipedia

So if my calculations are correct, it'll be twenty times better than the Honeycrisp! I don't know if that's sound math, but I'm excited nonetheless. If you are too, we'll unfortunately need to temper our enthusiasm a bit because the Cosmic Crisp won't start making appearances in a produce section near you until the fall of 2019. Sigh. [Drums fingers against the kitchen counter.]

But when they do come out, here's how you'll know them: They are dark red with with yellow freckles, and apparently stay delicious for months (if they don't get gobbled up first!). Fall 2019—we'll meet you then, Cosmic Crisp!

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Apple Crisp for anyone who's in an apple-y mood. | Photo by Jennifer Baker