Nestlé's Fall Favorites Are Back in the Cookie Dough Case

And they just released a new Hocus Pocus-themed cookie dough, too.

a package of M&M's ghoul mix and Nestle Toll House Fall Leaves cookie dough side by side on a two-tone background
Photo: Nestlé Toll House

Because of safer-at-home orders and general social distancing strategies, a lot of us spent a great deal more time at home this spring — and much of that time was spent baking.

Seeing as we aren't likely to return to typical any time soon, we anticipate a great deal of the fall will be spent baking, too. Which is precisely why we're excited to see so many fun cookie mixes, baking chips, and pre-made cookie doughs coming to grocery stores.

In fact, Nestlé Toll House just announced they're bringing back some of their most beloved fall-forward baking truffles and cookie doughs. That means you'll soon spot these fan favorites in cookie dough cases and baking aisles, so get to planning what you'll want to make.

First up on the return list is Nestlé Toll House Fall'n Leaves Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. These soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies are bedazzled with harvest-colored leaf-shaped sprinkles. They're everything you love about the brand's classic ready-to-bake cookie dough, but they have the hint of fall we're all seeking — you know, the one that makes you want to break out your sweaters already. A 16-ounce package will be about $2.99

Also returning this year is Nestlé Toll House M&M's Ghoul's Mix Sugar Cookie Dough. This kid-friendly dough gives the ready-to-bake cookies a bit of spooky flair, with Ghoul's Mix Milk Chocolate M&M's mixed into sugar cookie dough. And because you can never have enough Halloween decorations, a few colorful sprinkles are added to the cookies, too. A 16-ounce will be about $2.99.

a bag of Nestle TOLL HOUSE Pumpkin Spice Filled Baking Truffles on white background
Nestlé Toll House

Of course, no product line is complete without a pumpkin spice option, so Nestlé is making Nestlé Toll House Pumpkin Spice Filled Baking Truffles again this year. They're the perfect delicately spiced chips to add to any of your favorite fall baking recipes. Creamy white shells hide a delicately spiced center that melts beautifully whether it's in cookies, cakes, or just eaten by the handful (or so we've been told). A nine-ounce bag of these baking truffle will be about $3.19.

A package of Nestle Toll House Hocus Pocus Cookies with sketches of the three Sanderson sisters and a picture of an oatmeal peanut butter cookie with chocolate candies

These returning favorites join a brand-new cookie dough, a Hocus Pocus-themed oatmeal peanut butter cookie. Like the other two cookies, it features a classic cookie base with fall-colored chocolate gems. But it's blessed (er, cursed?) by the Sanderson sisters, so it boasts extra spooky qualities.

All of these cookie doughs and truffles will start making their way to shelves in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out if you're as excited to bake with them as we are. They're all limited-edition, so once they're gone, they're gone until next year.


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