Nestlé Just Released Two New Syrups That Taste Like Freshly-Baked Cookies

Cookie dough, meet cookie syrup.

Cookies and ice cream have long served as a classic dessert pairing. Whether in its raw form or as a finished product, we're all pretty used to having cookies in our ice cream. And now, thanks to some truly devious and decadent thinking from Nestlé Toll House, it appears we can have cookies on our ice cream as well.

This great new frontier in cookies and ice cream takes the form of Nestlé Toll House's new Cookie Syrups, which distill the essence of a Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie into something you can drizzle on top of any ice cream for an instant taste elevation. Based on Instagram evidence from @CandyHunting, they're available in Chocolate Chip Cookie and Pecan Turtle Delight Cookie flavors.

Functionally, they aren't all that different from the usual chocolate syrups you'd find at an ice cream sundae bar back in the Before Times. The main difference (perhaps in addition to the absence of high fructose corn syrup) is the fact that these aspire to offer a more nuanced, sophisticated flavor than simple chocolate or caramel. Whether Nestlé manages to pull that off is another matter, but you have to give them points for innovating.

For a brand known for cookie doughs and baking chips, this new format comes at a time of great disruption in the cookie space. If Pillsbury is at the point where they're baking cookies for customers ahead of time, then it's clear that all of the usual rules about cookies no longer really apply. Oreo's quest to offer every conceivable flavor has reached the point of putting cookie dough in a cookie as well. The possibilities really are endless.

nestle toll house cookie-inspired syrup on background

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These 22-ounce bottles were spotted at Hy-Vee by @CandyHunting, but you know something like this is probably destined for a broader release than that — even if exact details may be unknown.

So keep your eyes peeled next time you're in the dessert aisle, because the chance to put Cookie Syrup on a cookie dough ice cream is one you won't want to pass up.

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