Someone pass us an ice cream sundae so we can sprinkle these on top.
Nestle Toll House Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough on a two-tone background
Credit: Nestlé

Last week, Nestlé Toll House announced they were bringing back their fan-favorite fall cookie doughs, but if we thought they were finished giving us gifts, we were thankfully wrong.

Indeed, the cookie dough purveyor just announced a new product: Nestlé Toll House Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough.

Each of the bite-sized cookie dough rounds is filled with the rich, sugary dough and chocolate chips you know and love from Nestlé Toll House's traditional cookie dough. But for an added bit of sweetness and texture, they've coated each of these cookie dough bites in a crispy, chocolaty shell for a bit of crunch in each bite.

Certainly these bites are designed for popping right from the bag, but these could be delicious atop a bowl of ice cream, or sprinkled on a cake. A 20-ounce bag, which will be about $10, is a plentiful amount for lots of snacking and cooking.

If you want to try these bites for yourself, you have to wait just a bit — they won't be available until October, and they'll be exclusively at select Sam's Clubs locations nationwide. In 2021, they'll roll out to other retailers.

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