The head baker is sharing her best tips for absolutely perfect cookies.
NTH Pantry Mash Up Cookie Ingredients
Credit: Nestlé Toll House

As families continue to stay safe by staying at home, they are looking for new and fun ways to interact with one another as a family. And making memories and delicious foods in the kitchen is definitely one of them! To help families spend quality time together, Nestlé Toll House has created "Bake it Easy," a super-sweet, boredom-busting online baking series that features Nestlé’s head baker, Meredith Tomason, who leads the series and offers her greatest tips and tricks. And we imagine if you're the head baker at Nestlé Toll House, you know a thing or two about cookies.

Meredith will offer some of her best baking hacks over a few episodes (this will make up a series) to help families "Bake it Easy" in their own kitchens. The series started last week, with an episode titled Pantry Mash Up Cookies! The second episode, Easter Dinner at Home, came just in time for families looking to have a little fun for the special holiday.

And of course everyone wants to know a few great secrets to whipping up amazing cookies from scratch, right? Bakers looking for ingredient and cooking tips to make their recipes even better can join Meredith in on the fun in these episodes as she walks us through how to make delicious cookies and how to substitute for different ingredients if your store has run out.

Ready to bake some cookies? Catch up on the first episode and the second! You can see the entire series on the Nestlé Toll House Instagram over the next few weeks. An upcoming episode is called Breakfast of Champions, so you can always expect variety in the episodes and the application for every level of baker.