A class-action lawsuit claims the food conglomerate is purposefully misleading consumers.

Most people know that white chocolate isn't actually chocolate the way milk or dark chocolate is. Why? Because white chocolate doesn't contain any cocoa solids (which is brown in color and is, in fact, "chocolate"). Instead, it's made with cocoa butter, which is white and contains zero chocolate whatsoever. Indeed, cocoa butter is what's left over once the solids are taken out; it's just white fat, and it doesn't have any of the healthy benefits of cocoa solids, like antioxidants.

Nestle White Chocolate Morsels
Photo: Nestlé

Despite the fact white chocolate isn't really chocolate, many food brands have slyly marketed products to lead consumers to believe they're purchasing white chocolate. In reality, "white chocolate" is most often a combination of hydrogenated oils, flavorings, sugar, and stabilizers. It may be sold as "candy melts" or "Premier White Morsels," in the case of Nestlé's packaging.

But now, someone is taking action against Nestlé with a class-action lawsuit, claiming that the brand's white chocolate chips aren't white chocolate — let alone chocolate chocolate.

The complaint reads: "Nestlé, a company known for its chocolate, sells fake white chocolate baking chips and tries to market them as white chocolate."

In defense of Nestlé, the Premier White Morsels bag says in print, "creamy, vanilla-flavored morsels" instead of white chocolate. But, as the lawsuit points out, the morsels are in the same exact packaging and area in stores as the other bags from the Morsels line of chocolate chips, those that do contain chocolate. So could a baker be oblivious, grab a bag, and assume they're the same? Perhaps.

In a statement to Newsweek, a Nestlé spokesperson explained, "The label on our Toll House Premier White Morsels accurately describes the product, complies with FDA regulations, and provides consumers with all of the information necessary to help them make an informed purchasing decision."

Yet, clearly some people beg to differ. We shall see!