I haven’t gone a day without using it since bringing it home.

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There's something about the holiday season that makes you long for both warm, rich, treat-yourself drinks, and having zero reasons to leave the house. When it comes to fixing coffee beverages at home, I've held on tightly to my trustee Mr. Coffee — and I'll pull out my French press when I'm having the occasional slow, self-care morning. But sometimes there's a craving only a perfectly frothy cappuccino can fix, and I'm not one to spend $5 every time that craving strikes. 

So this year, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and treated myself to my first ever Nespresso machine. I gave myself a trial period for the machine to wow me before resorting back to Mr. Coffee... and wow me it did. On my very first go with the machine, I had a tasty, creamy, perfectly balanced latte in seconds (served with a very lovely aesthetic thanks to these wide and stylish cups they also carried). 

While I'm no coffee expert, I do understand how much craftsmanship goes into making a latte even taste good. The milk needs to be simultaneously steamed and frothed without being burned, and the espresso requires a precise ratio of water to ground beans in order to taste just right. Let's be honest — few people have the time, patience, or skill to commit to creating a specialty espresso drink in the morning, but this machine makes it as easy as making your morning toast.

Now, styling my fancy drinks didn't come as easy as imagined. The reason those photo-worthy coffee shop drinks come at a premium cost is, in part, due to the sheer artistry required to make them. Even with the help of cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and several toothpicks, my latte art needs some serious work (as you can watch above), but I have all the time in the world now that Annie's personal coffee shop lives right in my home kitchen.

Simply put, the Nespresso is just a lot of fun to use. I can't wait to wow my guests with fancy homemade macchiatos or have latte art competitions with my family over the holidays. You can use almond, oat, or dairy milk to make your drinks exactly how you order them at your favorite coffee shop, and add some pre-made syrups to flavor them a dozen different ways.  

Imagine the joy you get from taking that first foamy sip of your favorite store-bought espresso drink. Now, picture how much better the steamy, caffeinated treat would taste on your own couch, by the fire, cozied under a blanket. That's what I call a good morning.