The Nerds-wrapped gummies are addictively poppable.
nerds gummy clusters
Credit: Nerds

Nerds candies are fun, colorful, bite-sized treats. They offer the perfect bit of sour when you're craving a different kind of candy. Soon, a new type of Nerds will be hitting the grocery store shelves. 

Available at Walmart, Nerds Gummy Clusters are poppable, dual-textured candy creations that combine mini Rainbow Nerds with a fruity gummy. Each piece is one part crispy candy and another chewy gummy. It's unlike any candy experience you've had before.

Each cluster has dozens of Nerds pieces stuck to a gummy candy. This way, you can get that crunchy Nerds texture with a smooth, gummy filling too. It's the best of both worlds. 

Plus, the Nerds are bright and colorful, which just makes eating them even more fun. But instead of chasing the little gravel-sized candies around your hand or couch, just pop a gummy and get all the Nerds in one bite.

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