Need A Cocktail Recipe? Google Is Now Your Pocket Bartender.

Google now does cocktail searches. Here's how to use it.

Cocktails | Photo via Wikipedia.

Meet your new bartender! Well, your bartending guide at least. A newly added feature in Google brings cocktail recipes right to the top of your mobile or desktop search results. See?

Manhattan Preparation

At least, it's supposed to. The astute among you might notice a little something missing that those of us in the recipe business consider rather basic to the recipe: ingredients. Not to worry, I'll show you how to find them and make the most of your new pocket bartending guide.

To start your search, whip out your phone and open the Google app. Hit the microphone button, and issue your command. Give it a try:

"How do I make a ..."

... Mint Julep

... Irish Car Bomb

... Tequila Sunrise

Kinda neat, eh? Except that without knowing what the ingredients are, you're rather stuck.

Here's how to get to the really useful information. Let's start by searching for a Manhattan cocktail recipe:

Manhattan 1
Manhattan Preparation | Photo by Food*Dude.

At this point, all we know is that whatever is in it, it's stirred and served in a glass. Click on the "More about Manhattan" button to see the details. Here Google tells you which glass to serve it in, and how to garnish it, but they still don't quite tell you how much of what goes in it:

Manhattan Details
Manhattan Details | Photo by Food*Dude.

Press the "More" link a the end of the ingredients section to be taken to the full list of the ingredients in your cocktail.

Manhattan Ingredients
Manhattan Ingredients| Photo by Food*Dude.

Once you've assembled these ingredients, go back a page and finish the preparation.

If you're not quite sure what cocktail you're in the mood for and would rather browse through pretty pictures to find one, don't miss the Allrecipes Cocktail collection packed with hundreds of recipes. As a little value-add, our recipes show you the ingredients right up front!

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