Yesterday, ESPN put out quite the exposé about one particular pre-game ritual that had us absolutely giggling with delight: PB&Js. Yes, apparently it's a thing. Who knew?!

As the legend goes, somewhere in the 2007-08 Celtics season, an un-named player expressed that he could really "go for" a PB&J. Kevin Garnett was like, yeah, same, and then the sequence of events went something like this: PB&Js happened, Garnett had a particularly good game, PB&Js became a regular part of their pre-game, and then it caught on throughout the league.


But what is especially enlightening/downright enchanting about this story, is how each team likes their PB&Js. For example, one team is adamantly no-crusts. Go ahead, we'll give you a sec if you want to try to guess…okay, it's the Trailblazers. And there was a bit of a dust-up one year when Wizards management tried to swap out standard ingredients with whole grain bread and organic peanut butter. (Not OK. That's not OK.)


A few other insights: Garnett prefers strawberry jam over grape; the Rockets have a toaster on hand for those who would like to partake; and the Bucks are the most fancy pants PB&J-ers of the league, boasting a buffet that includes a wide assortment of jellies, three breads from a local bakery, and Nutella in the mix with both smooth and crunchy peanut butter, and almond butter. Umm, can we get a piece of that PB&J action??

And now that you have a hankerin' for a particular old school, cafeteria-style sandwich, here are some recipes you might be into: