Mountain Dew Just Unveiled a New Dew-Infused Hot Sauce — Here's How You Can Get One

Hot habañero uses real peppers and "the flavor of Mountain Dew."

mountain dew hot sauce
Photo: Mountain Dew/Twitter

Though you might picture a fluorescent green beverage when you think of Mountain Dew, the brand has curated quite a wide array of flavors at this point. Though we probably won't see gingerbread-flavored Mountain Dew in time for the holiday season, the good news is that they're out with a new product that transcends the idea of soda itself.

Say hello to Mountain Dew-branded Hot Habanero sauce. The hot sauce was made by iBurn in collaboration with NBA star Joel Embiid, who seems to have had plenty of time to work on perfecting this hot sauce after his Philadelphia 76ers were swept by the Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

"I'm always looking for that extra kick of spice when I put hot sauce on my food, and no one knows how to bring the heat better than my friends at MTN DEW," Embiid said in a statement about the sauce. "We sampled so many different flavors, spices, and peppers while making the sauce."

After an online poll helped Dew fans crowdsource the flavor, the end result is "a citrus and habañero flavor mash-up" that promises a significant level of spiciness. Fittingly, the citrus elements of the sauce seem to use what the ingredients referred to as "the flavor of Mountain Dew" in order to get its point across.

If you were hoping to spend the next few months dousing everything in Joel Embiid's Hot Habañero, you might want to adjust your expectations. It sounds like Mountain Dew only plans to make 500 bottles, and you'll have to follow along with Mountain Dew's Twitter account in order to figure out how to get your hands on one.

So while you'll want to ration this carefully should you be lucky enough to acquire a bottle, there's no doubt that the chance to get your sticky fingers on some Mountain Dew hot sauce is a rare one that should be taken advantage of. I'm already excited for the inevitable TikToks of people pouring the hot sauce into bottles of Mountain Dew.

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