Take your favorite soda into the shower.

Mountain Dew cans
Credit: PepsiCo

Mountain Dew, the soda beloved by gamers and grandmas alike, could eventually become part of your beauty routine. This week, the company revealed a new Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast.

This may sound like a joke, and that's because this is how the whole idea started. Two years ago, a Reddit user named Woopdeedo uploaded a photoshopped image of Mountain Dew Bodywash Blast and Doritos Nacho Cheese Moisturizing Face Wash. While we're relieved the latter doesn't exist (yet...), we're excited to see that PepsiCo took notice of the soda fan's creation and turned it into a reality.

The sad news is that Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast won't be rolling out onto store shelves. Only 250 bottles were created and shared with friends of the brand. But there's always the chance that Mountain Dew will listen yet again — if there's enough internet buzz — and make this a real product for the public to buy.

While you're waiting for the chance to shower yourself in soda, satisfy your Mountain Dew craving by seeking out their new Maui Burst flavor, or keeping your eyes peeled because of a rumored Happy Dew Year peach flavor.

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