It was a busy year for Allrecipes. We published several thousand new recipes in 2018 -- almost 3,300 in all. Of those new recipes, we wondered which received the most chatter. So we went to the reviews. What we discovered was that people were talking about a wide range of recipes: chicken dishes, a couple keto recipes, pork chops, and Instant Pot ribs, a savory breakfast bar, among others. Here they are: The recipes that were reviewed more than any other new recipes in 2018 -- plus some of the rave reviews.

Not too shocking, the top talked-about recipe is an easy weeknight chicken dinner. "This quick chicken stir-fry with pineapple is as delicious as it is colorful," says Natasha.

Rave Reviews:

"Delicious! No wok - still turned out great," says MHRooney. "I browned the chicken in batches, then the peppers and added green onions when combined. I doubled everything so I would have leftovers. Served over white rice. Quick & easy -- great for a weeknight dinner."

"This is a very simple and easy recipe that tastes great!" raves AMN. "I like to add peppers, mushrooms, and water chestnuts or swap out the green onion for red or sweet...whatever I have on-hand. It's always turned out great."

Easy Pineapple Chicken
Photo by nt_bella

"Quick, easy, and delicious pork chops that are perfect for a weeknight supper," says Yoly. "Comfort food at its best!"

Rave Reviews:

"This was so good and so easy to prepare," says tntwo. "I served the chops over egg noodles with oven roasted broccoli. Everyone loved it."

"I loved the flavors and how easy it was to make," says lynda stickler. "Would definitely make this again! Served with mashed cauliflower and roasted broccoli -- Yum!

Pork Chops in Sherry-Mushroom Gravy
Photo by Yoly

Hash browns, eggs, ham, and Cheddar-Jack cheese create a savory breakfast bar. "I like to make a batch of these and then cut them and wrap single servings in foil to have handy in the freezer for the week," says Jackie. "Much cheaper than the freezer breakfasts from the store."

Rave Reviews:

"This recipe is so simple and easy to make," says Nicole McAvany. "It's one of those 'why didn't I think of that recipes.' I added onions and extra cheese to mine, and they turned out great!"

"I love how simple and quick this is to put together," says jkavinoky. "Since I was able to use pre-diced ham, frozen diced hash browns with peppers, and shredded cheese the only real 'work' was beating the eggs. It's cut up and wrapped in plastic in my refrigerator for breakfasts this week."

These bars combine fresh shredded zucchini with walnuts, cloves, and cinnamon topped with an easy spiced cream-cheese frosting.

Rave Reviews:

"Never, ever would you know there's zucchini in these bars (fooled my hubby) unless somebody told you," says lutzflcat. "This is just a delicious and super moist spice cake."

"This is an awesome way to get veggies into a kid's diet," says Diana. "I made dairy free cream cheese frosting and my granddaughter loved it. Will be making this again."

Zucchini Bars with Spice Frosting
Photo by lutzflcat

This quick-and-easy keto and paleo bread is made with butter, almond flour, eggs, baking powder, and a little salt -- that's it! Zap it in the microwave for 90 seconds, and you're done. "So tasty and just perfect for sandwiches and toast," says Fioa."

Rave Reviews:

"I love this little bun," says Grace. "I add rosemary cheese chilli flakes to toast up great. I am going to make a strawberry shortcake out of it."

"It's very good. Very bread like. Nice texture. Firm enough to make a sandwich," says Chelsey Carr. "Flavour is nice and mild. Good bread substitute for low carb and wheat free people."

90-Second Keto Bread in a Mug
Photo by Fioa

These spice-rubbed baby back ribs are cooked in an Instant Pot and finished in the oven to create crispy, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Rave Reviews:

"This was my first time using the Instant Pot and the ribs were amazing," says dmurray256. "Seasoned just right and fall off the bone."

"Amazingly flavorful, tender and easy rib dinner," says Sandy. "Had with twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and Caesar salad."

Instant Pot Baby Back Ribs
Photo by dmurray256
| Credit: dmurray256

So easy. New Mexican Hatch chiles combine with rotisserie chicken, corn, and Mexican crema. "This flavorful recipe can be served in tortillas, over rice, or by itself," says Yoly. "Hatch chiles are in season for only 8 weeks a year, 10 weeks if the weather is extra warm."

Rave Reviews:

"I had fire-roasted hatch chilies in my freezer, just begging for a recipe like this," says jo Bowman. "It was easy and very nice. I served it with guacamole and corn tortillas. While it was good for dinner, on day 2 I heated leftovers and spread them on bread for a chicken salad sandwich. Oh, my goodness! Perfect lunch!"

"Because we like heat, we added more chilies," says valerie. "And used fresh corn, roasting it same as the chilies, then with a knife took off the kernels. Served on tostada shells. Super simple. DELICIOUS."

creamy hatch chile chicken
Photo by Yoly

"Aside from the delicious sauce, the most important part of this dish is using the high heat of cast iron to brown the chicken and vegetables before finishing in the oven" says Willpio.

Rave Reviews:

"The sauce makes this dish," says December Holt. "Sweet, spicy, yummy! Put it on any meat and root veg combo for an easy and tasty meal."

"Really good flavor and the crispy skin makes it," says Brian. "Would like to figure how to get a green veggie in there instead of just root veggies."

Cast Iron Honey-Sriracha Glazed Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables
Photo by Willpio

This keto-friendly beef and crunchy coleslaw stir-fry is ready in about 30 minutes.

Rave Reviews:

"Delicious!" raves Cheryl Leary. "I used pork and topped it with a tiny bit of fried wonton strips -- which I know isn't Keto! Don't yell at me...But it was very tasty. It was just the right amount of spicy, and I will make this again."

"Easy to make, yep. Stuff I can find in the market, check! Can I eat this a few days and still like it, check! Keto balanced...thank you OP, that's a check too. All in all winner winner Keto Slaw dinner," says Laurie.

Keto Beef Egg Roll Slaw
Photo by Chez Gnar

"These easy mini hand-pies are made with biscuit dough, canned chicken, and frozen vegetables for a simple and savory hand-held snack or appetizer," says Christina.

Rave Reviews:

"Really a good way to use leftover roasted chicken," says ColoradoMountainMan. "I like the biscuit idea better than other prepared dough items. I like to make these up and freeze (cooked) for later."

"Great recipe," raves Anna. "I used rotisserie chicken and rolling pin to roll out the biscuits. My boys loved them and want one in their lunch instead of a sandwich!"

Easy Hand-Held Chicken Pot Pies
Photo by Christina