Google search trends reveal what everyone around you is searching for Turkey Day.


You may be wondering if you're alone in your adoration of honey glazed ham, your preference for pecan pie, or your dislike of Brussels sprouts. Indeed, many families may be embroiled in a heated debate over Thanksgiving classics this holiday. (It's better than fights over politics, yes?) But if you'd like to settle some scores arguments, you can lay down some facts with this list of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes is in your state and region. was curious what people across the nation will be whipping up in their kitchens this Thanksgiving. Pulling data from Google Trends, they took 20 of the most popular Thanksgiving foods, went state by state to find the subsequent search trends for November, and they granted a winner for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Credit: Satellite Internet

That's a lot of work, huh? Well, we're happy they took the time to do it because the results were quiet interesting! The most popular recipes across the board were:

Some notable features: Most prefer mashed potatoes, rather than roasted or fried, and green bean is the winner for type of casserole. Plus what's making a comeback? Mac and cheese — and we can see why!

Some surprising results? Pumpkin pie didn't make the cut, and not many people loved turkey — the titular poultry selection — as much, ranking it super low.

If you want to check your own state, here's the complete list. Happy Turkey Day!

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