Now we're hungry.

Now that football season has officially begun, it's time to start planning the ultimate game day snacks.

Grubhub reviewed data from last season to find which foods where most often requested for delivery on NFL game days compared to the rest of the days of the year. While answers varied pretty dramatically, one thing was clear: Americans really crave brisket above anything else when viewing football. Who can blame us? Brisket is delicious.

Brisket Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich | Photo by Meredith

Top Game Day Foods in the U.S.

1. Smoked brisket sandwiches

2. Cheeseburger empanadas

3. Pepper burgers

4. Roasted chicken

5. Buffalo mac and cheese

We have to admit, however, that some of the other top picks for various regions were somewhat strange. The Northeast really likes their salmon and avocado sushi rolls.

If you're scratching your head in disbelief, you're not the only one. How many football fans crave a sushi roll at tailgates and viewing parties? Maybe there's a new trend coming.

A theme for the West coast? Chinese takeout—think sweet and sour pork, spicy chicken, and Mongolian beef. There was one (yes, one) non-Chinese food in that region's top-five ranking, and that was chili cheese fries. At least it's a good one.

Amazing and Easy Chicken Wings
Photo by Roxy Mom

Here's the full report:


1. Chicken shawarma sandwiches

2. Gyro sandwiches

3. Fried pickles

4. Boneless wings

5. Potato wedges


1. Salmon avocado rolls

2. Garlic knots

3. Buffalo chicken pizza

4. Grilled chicken

5. BBQ spare ribs


1. Mexican pizza

2. Pork egg rolls

3. Lettuce wraps

4. Chips and queso

5. Fried pickles


1. Sweet and sour pork

2. Lemon chicken

3. Mongolian beef

4. Spicy chicken

5. Chili cheese fries