Plus, Peeps sure are divisive.

With just days to go before Easter, it's time to start plotting out what's going into those baskets. And if some survey data concerning how much the average American is willing to spend on filling Easter baskets with candy proves accurate, there sure are going to be a whole bunch of wired kids hopping around on Sunday, April 4. 

That info comes from a recent RetailMeNot survey, which polled folks on their Easter candy preferences, as well as their basketing budgets. In terms of favorites, Reese's — perhaps unsurprisingly — reigned supreme; 26 percent of respondents chose their mini peanut butter eggs as their favorite candy, though there's no word on how they feel about their peanut butter filled carrots

At the bottom of the list were Peeps, with only 14 percent of surveyed individuals expressing a preference for the beloved yet polarizing sugary marshmallow. At least that means Peeps lovers will have less competition to try and get their hands on the new and unexpected Pepsi x Peeps soda collaboration.

An Easter basket full of eggs with paper money on white background. Focus on the $100 bill in the center.
Credit: njpPhoto/Getty Images

The real shocker, though, is just how much some folks seem willing to spend on Easter candy. An eyebrow-raising 77 percent of respondents admitting they plan to spend up to $50 on seasonal treats this Easter. Of course, you could quibble with the methodology a bit given that the option technically covers spending between $0 and $50, but the high end of that range is probably still more dough spent on eggs than you might expect. 

What's more, 12 percent of people aimed for between $50 to $100, with 11 percent dropping at least $100 on Easter treats. Honestly, more power to them. If you're going to spend your stimulus check or tax refund on anything indulgent, it might as well be a three-pound chocolate bunny named Mr. Goodtime that sells for $120.  

So if you're on the fence about whether or not to drop money on Peep-scented Easter basket grass, go for it. That's $1 down, $49 to go.