White Chedda Black Peppa joins two other 2020 releases, Garlickin' Parmesan and Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy.
Moon Cheese White Chedda Black Peppa
Credit: Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese snacks are adored for their crispy, crunchy bite and 100 percent cheese flavor. They're also a favored snack among people who are looking for low-carb alternatives, like the keto crowd.

And as if their amazing flavors weren't already go-to picks for snacking, they are unveiling a brand-new flavor this month called White Chedda Black Peppa.

Moon Cheese kicked off its 2020 year with a brand re-launch of their product line, featuring all new packaging and the debut of two new varieties, the savory and bold Garlickin' Parmesan and the meaty and delicious Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy. Fan-favorites Cheddar, Gouda and Pepper Jack were also renamed too, to become Cheddar Believe It, Oh My Gouda, and Get Pepper Jacked, respectively.

Now it's time for yet another bold move to take this brand to new flavor heights! These 100-percent cheese sensations pack a nutritional crunch factor for consumers who want a low-carb, healthy, and satisfying snack with over 10 grams of protein, no sugar, and less than two grams of carbs per one-ounce serving.

Plus, they are great to stock up on right now, as no refrigeration is required. Enjoy these shelf-stable cheese bites on their own or add them to salads, soups as a substitute for croutons, or any favorite dish that needs an extra flavor or texture burst.