Coming up with new ideas for your kid's school lunch can be a challenge. Kids can be picky, and aren't shy about their opinions either. We've put together an entire month's worth of ideas for everything from soup to sweet treats to help you plan nutritious schools lunches that your kids won't want to trade away at lunchtime.

Sandwiches and Wraps

These tasty sammies are way better than your average sandwich.

Rave Review: "Rave reviews from my husband and all 3 kids! This will become a staple in our house!" — Zippyuy

California Club Chicken Wraps
Try this recipe: California Club Chicken Wraps | Photo by Molly

Rave Review: "So Good!!!!! My nine- year-old daughter doesn't like breakfast at all. I made her one of these this morning and she LOVED it. So did my twelve-year-old son. Big Hit." — dana and owen

Queenie's Killer Tomato Bagel Sandwich
Photo by Caroline C

Rave Review: "So fun and easy to make! The kids can't stop eating them. I roll mine in plastic wrap real tight and refrigerate for a while so that they slice easier." — Kimberlie Trigg

Rave Review: "What a great sandwich!! Made these yesterday for lunch using multi grain bagels lightly toasted, garden fresh tomatoes, yellow peppers, and cucumbers. The garden fresh veggies made this over the top." — misty

Soups and Stews

Put some hot soup/stew in a Thermos for a quick warming lunch.

Rave Review: "My husband and kids say this is the best chili they've ever eaten! They were amazed to find out it was made with ingredients they normally don't enjoy. I thinly sliced zucchini, yellow squash, onion & yellow bell pepper, which I added to the ground turkey, as it was cooking." — love2cook

Terrific Turkey Chili
Photo by Nicolette

Rave Review: "It was delicious! Easy to make and great flavor." — Anastastia

Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Soup
Photo by Jess J

Rave Review: "This is the best pasta fagioli that I have ever tasted and I was raised on this stuff. What I love most is that it is affordable, easy, and delicious." — calead910

Rave Review: "It turned out great, and my one-year-old son could not get enough of this. So easy to make, and so delicious." — HOLLIE704

Rave Review: "Great healthy and hearty chili that could not be any easier to make." — JAY5014

Hearty Salads

A big salad is a great way to sneak in healthy grains, veggies, and legumes.

Rave Review: "Easy to make and tastes GREAT! Leftovers stay good for a few days." — A_STEITZ

Blackbean and Couscous Salad
Photo by plantgrub

Rave Review: "My thirteen-year-old daughter found this recipe herself and made it for dinner (with a little help from me). We all loved it. It was delicious." — lberve

Grilled Chicken Salad with Seasonal Fruit
Photo by Maisan Djuhadi

Rave Review: "Easy, delicious, and my kids devoured it, so it's a BIG win in our household!!!" — MarilynHortonDotCom

Rave Review: "Great family salad, very healthy. Rice adds body and fills you up, beans are so good for you. Lovely fresh flavor." — Ann Maksymiw

Rave Review: "Very cute idea. My kids love salads but they still found the face humorous." — Josephine Roeper


Eggs are a wonderful source of protein, and these homemade egg quiche recipes are very versatile.

Rave Review: "My twelve-year-old son made these for our family of 6 and they were a big hit. He skipped the parsley, but everyone still thought the 'eggie muffins' were yum!" — leapy2

Easy Mini Quiches
Photo by CC

Rave Review: "I never expected all my children to like this but it was so yummy looking I had to try it. Sure enough all five from the six-year-old to the seventeen-year-old asked for seconds." — 5COOKIEMUNCHERS

Rave Review: "A great way to get those veggies into the kiddies! I like chunky veggies but it is easy to "hide" them by using the food processor if your kids are picky." — GAHSMOMX3

Healthy, Sweet Treats

A little homemade sweet treat to keep them going.

Rave Review: "Great for back to school lunches! These wraps can be served as a traditional wrap sandwich or slice it into pieces (like a sushi roll) for bite-sized treats." —

Kiwi Wraps or Rolls
Photo by lutzflcat
| Credit: lutzflcat

Rave Review: "These are fantastic! Also one of the easiest baked goods I've ever made. Everything goes into one bowl, which is awesome for clean-up purposes." — CuppaTeaGirl

Delicious Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie Bars
Photo by raph_2122

Rave Review: "My 5-year-old daughter loves these. I make them with chocolate chips though and replace the wheat germ with flax seeds. Her school is nut-free so these are great for her lunch box snack." — Karen A.

Rave Review: "Great way to serve fruit. Fun and easy. My son loved helping me make these!" — heidi

Rave Review: "Fresh, sweet, and delicious! If you don't want to take the time to make the cinnamon chips, try store-bought cinnamon pita chips or even cinnamon graham crackers." — PBFT

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