Ever wanted to fight a red dragon that looks suspiciously like Guy Fieri? Well now is your chance.
Monsters of Murka Book with a red dragon on the cover
Credit: Action Fiction

Falling directly into the category of "things I didn't know I needed but now desperately want" is Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail. Currently fully funded on Kickstarter, this satirical book is a campaign supplement for the 5th of edition Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and chock full of witty culinary references that will amuse all players, foodie or not.

Featuring new subclasses, spells, items, and monsters, you'll have hours of fun as a player creating a cookery-inspired character or weaving in the new locations (Flavor City, anyone?) while acting as Dungeon Master.

Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail is the second roleplaying book from Action Fiction in this setting. Their first, Monsters of Murka, is an alternate reality version of the United States, with a sharp-witted collection of people (Brobarians), places (Sea-Addled), and things (draguns) to use in your game. The Action Fiction team has now expanded this world with the Restaurants & Retail addition, which delves into capitalism's role in the land of Murka.

Since a large part of Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail focuses on food and culinary adventure, we've rounded up some of our favorite tidbits from the book:

Art showing a Saucerer over a cauldron
Credit: Action Fiction


There are nearly 30 subclasses included in the book, several of which will delight food aficionados. Play as a Wizard in the School of Gourmomancy, casting magic by inciting spells from your recipe book to heal companions with wholesome baked goods or burn enemies with your spicy wrath. Or act as a Saucer-er, using your genetic magical gifts to master the element of Sauce and whip up tasty condiments that add hit points, damage foes, and more. You can also play as a Paladin, taking the Oath of Deliciousness to put your pursuit of decadent dishes above all others, or swear the Oath of Flavor and promote fellowship through flavorful foods.

Turducken art showing a monster with a turkey and duck head
Credit: Action Fiction


Featuring over 20 new monsters, you'll have plenty of new foes to defeat using Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail. Fight off the Poultryoshka, a turducken-inspired monstrosity that is sure to ruin your next holiday gathering. Or have a match against the Spice Elements — which include Salt, Pepper, Chili, Herb, and Pumpkin — and defend yourself against their nutmeg- and peppercorn-infused attacks. And you can even take on Lord Guillaume Fierre, a man with spiky blonde hair and sunglasses who can shape-shift between human form and an enormous Red Flavor Dragon.

Art showing a wall of french fries created from a spell
Credit: Action Fiction

Spells and Items

While traversing the land, you can stock up on plenty of hilariously helpful items or learn powerful spells. Fill your adventurer's backpack with PeptoAbyssmal potion, a Cake-Cutting Knife (which magically turns anything into cake), or keep a Murkan Pie on hand to regain hit points. If you're a magic caster, you'll love being able to bind your foes in meat strips using the Bacon Wrap spell, protecting yourself and companions by conjuring a Wall of Fries, or enjoy casting Copy/Pastry to create life-like replicas of creatures made from delicious golden pastry.

If you'd like your own copy of Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail visit their Kickstarter page. The project is open through October 9, already fully-funded, and you can pick whatever price tier fits your needs. For as little as $20 you can get a digital copy of the book, or bump it up to $60 and get a hardcover version that will include your name in the printing. No matter which path you choose it's sure to be a tasty adventure!