We get it from our mamas.

By Mary Claire Lagroue
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When Mom approves of a recipe, you know you can trust it. And you know you can trust the pots, pans, and mixers she makes her signature dishes with. Here, the Allrecipes team shares the kitchen tools and cookware we've seen our moms use time and again — so often, in fact, that we've bought them ourselves. Read on for the kitchen equipment that earned Mom's seal of approval first.

10 Quart Zavor Duo Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Bed Bath and Beyond

"Long before the Instant Pot and electronic pressure cookers were on the scene, my mom was a pressure cooking fanatic (and still is). Ann Burnett is a firm believer in a 45-minute pot roast and 30-minute chicken. She even had her recipe for Pressure Cooker German Potato Salad published in Southern Living! Mother knows best, so I've always had a pressure cooker in my kitchen. Right now, it's this 10-quart Zavor Duo." — Jason Burnett

Buy it: $130; amazon.com

KA-5L NewMetro Design Beater Blade


"This is the best KitchenAid attachment for cookie dough. It reminds me of all of the times growing up when my mom and I would bake up a double batch of her famous chocolate chip cookies together. Now that I'm on my own, I still use her secret recipe!" — Samantha Manning

Buy it: $18; amazon.com

Cuisinart Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Williams Sonoma

"My grandmother made cakes for thousands of people and events with a hand mixer. It wasn't until she was much older that she bought her first stand mixer. Here I was, thinking I couldn't possibly bake without a big, beautiful stand mixer, when the woman whose cakes are still legendary in my hometown made herself 'famous' with just a handheld version. I much prefer to get it out of the cabinet than drag out my stand mixer now." — Kimberly Holland

Buy it: $40; williams-sonoma.com

Kyocera Ceramic Ginger Grater

Sur La Table

"My mom makes the best homemade teriyaki sauce ever. One of the secrets to her sauce is using fresh ginger ground into a paste using a ceramic ginger grater like this. I can't remember when I bought mine, but it's been with me for decades. It's perfect because it grinds the ginger but leaves the fibers behind so they don't get into the sauce. Every time I make teriyaki sauce, I get out my trusty ginger grater and I think of my mom." — Vanessa Greaves

Buy it: $15; amazon.com

YouCopia SpiceStack 24-Bottle Adjustable Spice Rack

Bed Bath & Beyond

"My mom always had spice organization drawers that fit in your cabinets, and they made finding her spices (and now mine) so much easier." — Melanie Fincher

Buy it: $50; bedbathandbeyond.com

Pyrex 15"x10" Glass Baking Dish

"My mom didn't really enjoy cooking. There was only so much time in the evenings. And Mom's goal in the kitchen was to get dinner on the table quickly, so we'd all, as a family, have more time to linger around it. She was the emcee of these family dinners, directing the conversation, dropping in comedy bits. She had a great, quick laugh. She was an engaged listener, and because she never actually ate when she talked, a single bite of food would rest on her fork for minutes on end, as she raised it up and lowered it back down uneaten to the plate. It became a family joke. We kids would be done before mom had barely started eating. After dinner, we would push back from the table and talk. It's a habit now that I continue. And that's what I really learned from my mom about cooking: The importance of leisurely meals and lots of conversation. Make time for it. One essential piece of equipment, though, was the classic Pyrex casserole dish. It was the perfect tool for the kind of quick casseroles my mom favored. Quick prep, quick clean up. She'd set the dish down on a cooling rack in the center of the table, and everyone would dive in, serving themselves from that single glass casserole dish; there was something elemental about it all." — Carl Hanson

Buy it: $15; target.com

KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer


"I have many memories of my mom pulling out her KitchenAid mixer and us making cookies or that special holiday dish. When she pulled it out, I knew that something special was going to be made. When it was time to make my wedding registry, the first thing I put on my list was my KitchenAid mixer, and just like my mom, when I pull it out something special is being made." — Ansley Emmet

Buy it: $380; williams-sonoma.com

Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach

"When my mom first enlisted me to help bake her signature carrot cake, she put me in charge of prepping the carrots. Her Hamilton Beach food processor just pulverized them. I had never used it before, but I knew I needed one, too. Now, I count on this super-powerful food processor to make cauliflower rice, puree pesto, and so much more. I even prefer it to my blender for smoothies." — Mary Claire Lagroue

Buy it: $40; amazon.com