You know what's better than a bottle of Champagne? A mini bottle of Champagne … that you can sip directly from … that comes in packs of six. Yep, you'll feel just like a socialite at a trendy L.A. party with a mini bottle to call your own. Cheers to Moët & Chandon for making their bubbly available in six-packs at liquor stores throughout the U.S. [Clink!]

By the way, should we all just have a collective giggle to get it out of our system? Because raise your hand if you think of the SNL Moët & Chandon skits when you hear that name? "Affluess … lushery … the fiiine—est!" A.k.a. "Monica and Chandler Champagne." But all jokes aside, who's already halfway through ordering some of these babies for the long weekend? Us too!

Here's a couple more fun items (one boozy, one not) for this weekend's official kick-off of summer: