New M&M's Mixes Combine Three Favorite Flavors in One Bag

Now you don't have to stick with just one candy kind.

M&M's Mixes
Photo: M&M's

Today, M&M's unveiled their newest innovation, M&M'S MIX, a new concept that packages several of the popular chocolate candies together in one shareable (if that's your thing) bag. The Mix bags won't be available until April 2021, but M&M's says fans and customers have been asking for these mixed-up bags for years, so surely waiting a few more months won't be so hard.

M&M's Mix bags will come in two varieties: Classic and Peanut. The Classic Mix features the brand's traditional flavors: classic milk chocolate, milk chocolate peanut, and peanut butter M&M's. The Peanut Mix will include milk chocolate peanut, white chocolate peanut, and dark chocolate peanut.

Whether you're snacking for yourself, setting up a small gathering at home, or adding a few sweets to the kids' lunch boxes, the combination of M&M's flavors is sure to be a hit, and you won't hit flavor boredom after a few candies. The three-flavor packet also saves you from buying three individual bags of flavors and making your own. (That's still a totally acceptable alternative if you like a combo M&M's hasn't made yet.)

Head over the M&M's Instagram or Twitter today to enter a contest to win a year's supply of M&M's. All you have to do is comment on their latest post and say why you want (need?) a year's supply and use #sweepstakes. Four winners will win the year's supply, which will keep you in good company until next spring when these mixes finally drop.

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