Early leak suggests an unlikely pairing between the classic pie and white chocolate.

In many ways, fall is a season of pies. That's thanks in large part to seasonal favorites like apple pie and pumpkin pie, which incorporate elements of the autumnal harvest into delicious baked goods that frequently grace the Thanksgiving table. Depending on who you are and where you're from, pecan is probably in the mix as a seasonal favorite as well. 

After what promises to be a long fall and winter of eating our feelings via pie, it seems like there may be good pie news in the forecast for 2021 — at least if some rumors about a particular new variety of M&M's proves to be true. 

That's because a @CandyHunting Instagram post suggests that the website of supermarket chain Meijer somehow already has a product listing up for Key Lime Pie-flavored white chocolate M&M's. 

Beyond the fact that they seem to be a combination of white and pastel green M&M's, not too much is known about these 2.47-ounce bags of candy. Though Meijer has somehow inadvertently spilled the beans already, it doesn't seem like they'll be available until Easter 2021. We'll presumably get some official confirmation between now and then, assuming this isn't some cruel, elaborate ruse. 

Given that key lime pie can be rather tart, it'll be interesting to see how its flavor profile can (or cannot) mesh with white chocolate. Will they blend together perfectly? Or will the green M&M's enticing offer of key lime pie depicted on the rumored packaging be little more than a cruel taunt? Only time will tell. But if we're just as bored around Easter time as we all probably are right now, you probably don't have much to lose by giving it a try.