For the transplants in the world, the holidays can get pretty lonely when you can't afford a plane ticket home. While there's Friendsgiving to take care of your Thanksgiving needs, December has it's own swath of family gatherings to miss out on. Add a bit of cheer this season by bringing your friends together for a night of eating and holiday-themed games! Here are a few of my favorite crowd-pleasing party recipes, some fun party ideas, and some great games to play to get the party rolling.

Festive Snacks


Why not help out the hungry at the same time with a Cooking Party?

Sweet Treats


Seasonal Sips


Games to Play

A holiday party wouldn't be complete without a few games to keep the merriment going. Depending on your group of friends, this could be the toughest or easiest part of planning. Here are some perennial favorites to get the ideas flowing:

This is always a hit at my family's holiday party. Everyone brings a funny yet useful (and cheap!) present, and after dinner, the game begins! Each person draws a number and sequentially decides if they want to open a gift or take a previous guests gift. Beware: Gift trading can get pretty heated!

Holiday Movie Trivia

This one's pretty straight forward. Answer a question correctly, get a point! Or, you can turn it into a drinking game; answer a question wrong, take a drink!

Holiday-Themed Party Favorites

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Charades
  • Pictionary

Love cookies? Host a decorating or exchange party!

Be party ready:

And don't forget your ugly sweaters!