Move over, pumpkin spice. There's a new favorite in town.
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Amaretto Hot Cocoa Milano cookie

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, everyone needs new snacks to pair with their boozy beverages. Clearly, Pepperidge Farm knows what's up, which is why they just launched a brand-new Amaretto Hot Cocoa Milano cookie.

You wouldn't be alone in associating Milano specifically with the mint variety, but it turns out they come in a variety of flavors. This new one, which is limited edition just for the holidays, combines the chocolatey, comforting flavor of hot cocoa with Amaretto. Amaretto is a classic holiday after-dinner drink in Italy. It's a sweet, almond-flavored liqueur that, you guessed it, would definitely be delicious in hot chocolate.

This isn't actually the first time Milano has ventured into boozy flavors. They also dropped an Irish cream flavor that was well-received, so these will probably also be a hit.

There's no actual alcohol in the cookies, but the flavor combination certainly implies they wouldn't be out of place paired with, say, a spiked hot chocolate or cappuccino. They would probably also pair well with some whisky or a nice glass of red wine.

The description says the new flavor combines "rich dark chocolate and almond flavor between two crisp, delicate cookies." It also says they're perfect for your "holiday me-time," which is a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things this winter. So, yeah, sounds pretty good.

The flavor is definitely pretty new: it's available on Instacart, but looks like they haven't dropped nationwide quite yet. In the meantime, better start working on your fireside cocktail of choice.