I sure have. It's a warm, pork-stuffed, pressed sandwich on cushy bread called Medianoche, so appropriate for a late-night snack that its very name is Spanish for midnight. I seek it out whenever I discover a new Cuban eatery. It's good any time of day, though traditionally, it's what you eat after a night out dancing.

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While condiment variations exist, the essential elements are roast pork, Swiss cheese, sliced ham, pickle, and soft eggy bread. Each bite is savory-sweet-sour bliss.

Top Tips from Allrecipes to Recreate this Goodness at Home

  • Here's one top-rated recipe for Medianoche that many reviewers say takes them right back to their younger days.
  • "I used my George Foreman to grill for a couple minutes. I can't wait to make this again!" — ambibambi
  • Can't find pan suave (the traditional soft bread used for this sandwich) near you? Substitute challah rolls, which offer a similar taste and texture.
  • "I always smash a garlic clove and rub it on the cut side of the bread before spreading the mayo and mustard." — Patty Q.
  • For the filling, try this recipe for Cuban Pork Roast
  • "I make these for parties, cut the sandwich into fours, put toothpicks through them and place them on platters. They are always the first to go." — Niriam L.
  • Really hungry? Devour your Medianoche alongside these Cuban Black Beans

Too much to handle? Try this (slightly) lighter Midnight Snack Avocado Sandwich instead. Then get back to the club.