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two boxes of Mean Girls Toaster Strudel on a two-tone teal background
Credit: Pillsbury

It's not clear how much Gretchen Weiners' dad (the inventor of Toaster Strudel) has to do with the day-to-day operations of the pastry brand anymore. But if he still comes to the office, we bet he had a big hand in the latest product.

Today, Pillsbury, which makes the iconic toaster pastry, announced the release of a new, limited-edition Mean Girls Toaster Strudel.

Mean Girls, a 2004 teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan as out-of-place teen Cady Heron, has become a cult classic of sorts and is still widely replayed on television. Indeed, the film spurred so many great one-liners, it's nearly impossible to miss the many references present 16 years after the Tina Fey-written film was released. Don't believe me? You can currently buy a bath bomb that's made to look like the Burn Book ($11; Etsy), and in a month, your social feeds will be filled with people wishing you a Happy Mean Girls Day. (On October 3, Cady's crush, Aaron Samuels, asked her what day it was.)

So on this year's Mean Girls Day, you can make your celebration even sweeter with a six-pack of Mean Girls Toaster Strudel. The new pastry comes in two flavors: Strawberry and Cream Cheese & Strawberry. And of course, it has a side of bright pink icing that's just screaming to be used for decorating. A box will retail for about $2.58, and they'll be available at grocery stores nationwide.

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