McDonald's Apologizes With Free McFlurries — But Not Because the Machines Are Always Broken

That's going to be a lot of ice cream.

Utensils can be confusing. I mean, what is a salad fork anyway? Even if you have a solid grasp on what distinguishes various cutlery you'd find at a fancy restaurant, figuring out whether the plastic thing in your McFlurry is a spoon, a straw, or something else altogether is no easy task.

In recognition of just how difficult and pervasive the McFlurry spoon/straw conundrum is, McDonald's is offering to make life a little easier for confused customers with a special offer. On May 4, Mickey D's will give away free regular-sized Caramel Brownie McFlurries to anyone who has tried to take a sip using that piece of plastic cutlery. To wit: anyone and everyone can cash in on this deal, and try out this new McFlurry flavor immediately after its May 3 debut.

McFlurry in a man's hand with a spoon sticking up
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The best part is you don't even need to admit to your McFlurry incompetence in order to take advantage. In this case, all you need to do is scan an offer code in the McDonald's App and pick up at a participating location. No purchase necessary, in case there are other items on the menu you'd rather avoid because you're worried about eating them the wrong way.

So what is the deal with the oddly strawlike McFlurry spoon? Well, a McDonald's video explains that the opening at the top of the spoon actually attaches to a machine that stirs up the McFlurry. Without it, cleaning the machine would be a chore. And given that McDonalds' ice cream machines can be fickle even in the best of times, we should be thankful that this handy spoon makes the McFlurry process a bit easier.

So if you've ever tried to sip from a spoon, mark May 4 on your calendar and claim the Caramel Brownie McFlurry that you're entitled to. It'll make for one sweet story of redemption.

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