McDonald's Is Celebrating Back-to-School With Food Deals Next Week

Here's how to snag a week of cheap meals.

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We hate to say it, but summer is coming to a close. This means back-to-school season is upon us. Which also means your days are about to get a little busier. That's why McDonald's is having its own "Syllabus Week" where customers can score four days worth of food deals to make mealtime easier.

Beginning on Monday, August 15, McDonald's is giving away food deals on the McDonald's app. To score the deals, simply download the Mickey D's app and head to the "Rewards & Deals" section. There, you'll find the following deals:

  • Monday, August 15: McChicken for $1.01
  • Tuesday, August 16: Chicken or Sausage McGriddle and a large coffee for $2.01
  • Wednesday, August 17: 10 McNuggets for $3.01
  • Thursday, August 18: Big Mac and medium fries for $4.01
McDonald's Syllabus Week

And, if you redeem all four offers throughout the week, you'll be rewarded for your perfect attendance. The Perfect Attendance Bonus lets you earn two times the MyMcDonald's Rewards Points on a purchase between August 22 and August 31. That means you'll be even closer to redeeming free food with your bonus points.

So enjoy Syllabus Week before the hard work of the school year really begins. Counting the money we save on our next McDonald's trip might just be our favorite kind of math.

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