By Kimberly Holland

Are you loving the plant-based burger trend?

Carl's Jr. has the Beyond Famous Star burger. KFC sold out of their plant-based chicken in just hours. Burger King made big bets on their Impossible Whopper. Now, the Golden Arches are joining the meatless burger trend.

Beginning September 30, McDonald's will be testing a plant-based burger called the P.L.T. — that stands for Plant. Lettuce. Tomato., of course — in 28 restaurants around southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Photo: McDonald's

This isn't McDonald's first foray into the meat-free burger realm. They already sell plant-based burgers at their 1,500 restaurants in Germany in Israel.

The German burgers are supplied by Nestle, which is currently introducing their Awesome Burgers to the U.S. market. But in North America, McDonald's worked with Beyond Meat, one of the largest supplies of plant-based burgers in the U.S., to craft a burger that is exclusive to the restaurant chain. The patty, the company said in a statement, is designed "to deliver the iconic taste customers know and love."

The P.L.T. will be priced at $6.49 CAD, and the trial run will extend 12 weeks, starting September 30. If the burger will be available beyond Ontario is unknown yet, but if tests go well, this McDonald's could become the largest provider of plant-based burgers in the U.S. and Canada.

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