Butter only gets better with this unique dispenser.
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A cold stick of butter plus a soft, pillowy roll is a recipe for dinner disaster. Okay, not quite, but it is a formula that will lead to a flat-as-a-pancake roll after the butter knife tries—and fails—to spread a little brick of butter around on the fluffy bread.

This exact scenario, plus dreaming of summer sweet corn fresh off the grill this summer, has inspired our latest culinary love: the MAX SPACE Butter Mill Butter Dispenser

While it might look like an odd art utensil or home improvement tool, with a simple twist of the knob, this butter mill promises to spread a stick of butter into a soft and spreadable 10-foot(!) ribbon. It works on butter right from the fridge or thawed to room temperature slightly, and fits most major sticks of butter right in the slot. Once you use up all that butter, the mill can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand washing so it's ready to use for another stick.

MAX SPACE Butter Mill Butter Dispenser
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"This contraption is brilliant. It makes lovely ribbons of butter," one fan raves. "When it's empty, I soak it in really hot water until all of the old butter is gone and then put a new stick in fresh from the fridge."

If you don't like dirtying a bunch of utensils, this will save the day. If the butter is the proper temp, it comes out in a flat (rather than curly) ribbon, which you can drop onto a corn cob or hot steak to melt right in on its own. Lay a ribbon in a skillet to fry eggs or atop a split biscuit so you can devour to halves of flaky, buttery goodness.

Stick of butter with a few slices cut on a white platter
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"This is great! Maybe dangerous," another fan admits. "I hated using butter because I would only want to butter one thing but spreadable butter is still hard to spread. This makes thin ribbons that are easy to spread, if you even need to spread it after. It is really easy to put your butter where you want it."

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