Why Mason Jars Are the Only Food Storage Container for Me

Bye bye, plastic Tupperware. Hello, trendy and versatile glass jars.

I hate to be that millennial, but I would be nothing without Mason jars. Don't roll your eyes at me! These airtight glass jars can stir a visceral reaction for some people because my generation turned this common canning tool into a chic, just-add-string-lights Pinterest aesthetic. Well, I am here to defend these jars, not only because I find them stylish and attractive, but because they are practical, functional, affordable, sustainable, and multi-purposeful. Those are a lot of positive adjectives, huh? Let me explain.

They're Affordable

It's easy to get a little carried away with your storage containers. In fact, they can start to cost you a pretty penny if you're buying a few different sets. A basic 12-count package of pint-sized Mason jars costs less than $15 (though prices can vary depending on where you buy), whereas fancy Tupperware-style storage sets can run upwards of $40 or $50.

Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jars

They're Easy to Store

One of my biggest grievances with plastic container sets is that it is borderline impossible to keep track of all the corresponding lids and containers. Regardless of how organized you are in other areas, it is tricky to keep an orderly Tupperware cabinet. This is just a fact of life. Mason jars are great because all of the lids are the same size (except for the wide-mouth jars, which have a different sized lid). This means it's much easier for me to pair a lid with a jar and get on with my day. Personally, I store my Mason jars in a cabinet with their lids already screwed on so that when I need one, I don't have to spend 30 minutes digging through my kitchen to find a matching lid.

They're Versatile

One perk of Mason jars that we don't discuss near enough is their versatility. Fancy Tupperware sets are good for one thing and one thing only — storing or transporting food. Mason jars can not only store and transport food, but they can also act as a cocktail shaker, a cocktail/water glass, table decor, or an airtight vessel for canning/pickling. You can even make butter or whipped cream in a Mason jar. Get crafty with your jars and use them as a pencil holder on your desk, plant some herbs in them, or turn them into a candle. The options are seriously limitless.

One of my favorite uses for Mason jars is storing dry goods. Anything from nuts to grains to flours to spices — sometimes the boxes that they're packed in just don't last, so I'll transfer them to a sturdy Mason jar. Not only do I love the look of it, but I know that whatever is in there will stay protected and fresh. If you have a label maker, it's always a great idea to label the jar so that you can remember what's inside of it.

They're Durable and Sustainable

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you let that curry dish or tomato-based pasta sit for just a few days too long in your plastic storage containers, and now the plastic is stained the color of that dish forever. Because Mason jars are made of glass, you don't need to worry about this happening. They're built to last, unlike your plastic containers, which have probably cracked or torn at some point.

Recipe to Try: Mason Jar Lemonade

Remember, just because Starbucks took away plastic straws doesn't mean that ordering a venti iced coffee is the extent of what you can do to help our planet. Glass is a much more sustainable option than plastic — plus, it will fare much better in your dishwasher and microwave. (But not the metal lid, of course.)

Which Mason Jars Should I Buy?

Have I convinced you that the only storage vessels you need from here out are Mason jars? If so, I would start with a 12-pack of pint-sized Mason jars. These can hold salads, oatmeal, pasta, grains — whatever it is that you need sealed up. If you want a smaller option for dressings, sauces, or spice storage, these 4-ounce jars can be quite handy. If you want a bigger option for large volume storage options, a few 32-ounce jars are also convenient to have on hand. Ultimately, you should pick the Mason jars that speak to you — they are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns (the quilted jars are always a fun look). So say goodbye to your cumbersome plastic Tupperware sets that never seem to store properly and the lids somehow always manage to walk off. The Mason jar life awaits you.

Ball Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Band, Regular Mouth, 12 Jars

Mason Jars 12-pack

Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars with Lids and Bands, (6 Jars)

Small quilted mason jar

Ball Mason Jar-32 oz. Clear Glass Wide Mouth - Set of 4

wide mouth mason jars

SUNNOW Vastto 15-Ounce Chromatic Engraved Mason Jar with Lid and Band, Set of 6

colored mason jars

Verones Mason Jars 12-oz, set of 15

quilted mason jars
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