Reddit (and the World) Doesn't Know What to Make of the Man Who Rinses His Pizza With Water

PLEASE do not try this at home.

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Life is full of simple pleasures (if you look for them), but perhaps none spark greater joy than the moment a fresh, hot pizza arrives at your front door. In fact, many of us are willing to risk burning the roof of our mouth in order to enjoy that delicious first bite just a bit sooner. Is there anything besides patience that can help us enjoy a pizza that isn't piping hot?

Well there's one thing you shouldn't do to try and cool down your pizza: run it under cold tap water. You'd think that sort of thing would be self-explanatory, but, as always, strange things that you see on the internet sometimes require us to spell out the obvious. You can thank the husband of Reddit user DaddyRavioli for forcing us to even contemplate the bizarre situation.

According to her post (fittingly shared to r/Unpopularopinion) explaining the situation, the trend dates back to college, when he would run pizza slices under the water fountain to cool them faster. He claims "it [doesn't] change the taste and [the pizza] was still good." Sure!

You can sort of see where the idea of running hot pizza under cold water might've come from. It's the first thing you should do if you burn yourself in the kitchen, so clearly it's the safe way to cool anything that's too hot, right? Wrong.

I refuse to believe that dousing a piping hot slice of pizza in cold water doesn't completely mess with the taste. Does this guy actually enjoy a damp, spongy crust? Does mixing oil with an insoluble liquid somehow improve the experience? The only way that a shower in the sink wouldn't augment a pizza slice is if the cheese and sauce has already congealed quite a bit. But at that point, you'd have to think the pizza was no longer hot enough that it'd need to be cooled down.

Though there may have been a time before proper refrigeration when cool water was used to lower the temperature of certain goods to prevent their spoiling, it really just baffles the brain that anyone would think this is a good idea. Hopefully this husband learns a bit of patience, because that's the only thing that'll really save his pizza — and maybe his marriage.

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