Learn how to make a charming Easter egg tree in five easy steps.

By Carl Hanson
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Easter Egg Tree
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Yes, the Easter Bunny delivers the eggs. But did you know they grow on trees? This charming tradition has European roots, but in America, an Easter egg tree could pop up in a front yard, on a porch, or even on a dinner table. Easter egg trees are quite easy to make, and they can be changed every year to match your personal style or new decorating tastes.

Here's how to make your own Easter Egg Tree in five easy steps.

DIY Easter Egg Tree

You'll need:

items for easter egg tree
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How to Make an Easter Egg Tree

1. Cut ribbon into desired lengths — long enough to dangle eggs from the tree.

2. Using a hot glue gun, attach a loop of ribbon to the wide end of a hollow egg and let dry. (We used fillable plastic eggs for this project.)

Gluing Ribbon
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3. Glue a small fabric flower where the ribbon meets the egg to hide the glue point.

pushing down flower
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4. Arrange tree branches in a heavy glass vase. Partially fill the vase with Easter candy. Try robin's eggs, jelly beans, sugared almonds, etc.

5. Fill the eggs with candies or sweet messages and hang them from the tree branches.

Easter Egg and Easter Egg Tree
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