By Seth Kolloen
March 12, 2015

Lime-Cilantro Rice. Chipotle does it, why not you?

All hail Lime Cilantro Rice: "It's saved me from buying cilantro rice from Qdoba every other day," says one reviewer.

Not only is this method incredibly easy, it takes no extra time—while the rice cooks, you just have to zest and juice a lime, then chop some cilantro. Once the rice is cooked, you toss those three things in, stir and serve.

Lime Cilantro Rice goes best with Mexican and Indian foods—the cool flavor complements spicy food and chile/cumin flavors.

3 other quick ways to jazz up white rice:

Orange Cilantro Rice — Rice cooks in orange juice, cilantro mixed in at end.

Lemon Dill Rice — Rice baked with onion and dill seed.

Pineapple Lime Rice — Rice simmers with pineapple, pineapple juice, and lime zest.