When busy schedules rule out dinner together, flip the script and have breakfast instead.
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Gathering around the dinner table has traditionally been how we create stronger family bonds by coming together at the end of the day to share a meal with our nearest and dearest. But between school, sports, work, and everything else in your busy family life, sitting down together for dinner on a weeknight isn't always attainable due to conflicting schedules. However, if you treasure family time like we do, where there's a will, there's a way. That's why we're suggesting this solution: Make weekend breakfast your special together time. Without the constraints of having to rush away for work or school, you can turn weekend breakfast into family time when you can relax and enjoy each other's company, catch up on what's going on, and still have time enough for the rest of your weekend activities.

Read on for ideas to make weekend breakfast your best family time, from serving up a normal weekend breakfast but with a little more flair, to using the time to plan a family activity. These ideas are easy, affordable, and take next to no time to achieve, so you can make them a (very happy) weekend habit.

1. Build a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Breakfast Charcuterie Board

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Busy weekday breakfasts might be all about grabbing cereal or a muffin, but leisurely weekend mornings can allow more time for things like pancakes and waffles. For this idea, you'd take it just one step further by setting out everything on a big cutting board, serving tray, or baking sheet in a tempting display. This way, you're still making the usual weekend breakfast foods, but presenting them in a way that makes it all feel special. Check out these ideas for a pancake board or a waffle board to get recipes, inspiration, and step-by-step instructions.

2. Add a Brunch Drink to the Menu

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No, we're not talking about bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary cocktails. (This is a family affair, after all!) Since there's no hot rush to get out the door to beat the school bell or make it to work meetings on time, use your weekend family breakfasts to make the most of your extra time around the table with a special sip. We're fond of blending up a batch of Bill's Easy 2-Ingredient Orange Julius or a refreshing Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie to start the day on a sweet note. If you have kids old enough to help out in the kitchen, put them in charge of creating a special breakfast or brunch beverage for all to share.

3. Try Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast is important but breakfast in bed is paradise
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It's not just for Mother's Day. Keep your PJs on, assemble a quick and easy breakfast together, then pile back into bed to enjoy a delicious feast, some snuggle time, and a recap of the week. Discover 11 of our favorite breakfast in bed recipes, and find some additional inspiration in our easy ideas for sheet pan brunches.

4. Mix Things Up With a Mash-Up Recipe

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Keep the peace among a family with members who have different preferences by cooking a breakfast recipe that combines two anytime favorites into one dish! Whether you're in the mood for dessert, are wishing it was someone's birthday, or prefer a dash of dinner vibes, these creative mash-up recipes will deliver.

5. Create a Weekend Bucket List

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While you're all enjoying your weekend breakfast together, take time to jot down a list of three things you'd all like to try before you tuck in on Sunday. Perhaps you'll enjoy a match-up of a new board game, do a snack-filled family movie night, experiment with a never-before-tried ingredient, try a new local restaurant, or explore a park or museum you've never visited together. By the time the weekend is through, chances are, you will have charted new territory, will enter the week feeling refreshed, and will have marked your calendars to do it all again next weekend!

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