By Carl Hanson
September 28, 2015

No one knows what the dark, dystopic Time of the Robots will be like. But one thing's certain: The robots will want cake.

Finished Robot
Photo by Allrecipes

We're here to help.

Appease the robots with this delicious cake in the shape of a robot. Because flattery gets you everywhere with robots.

And the robots don't need to know it, but this cake is ridiculously easy to make. Let the robots think you slaved over it. They'll enjoy that. Here's how you do it:

1.) Start with a blank canvas.

In this case, a plain sheet cake.

Plain Cake
Photo by Allrecipes

2.) Cut out your robot pattern.

Lay a simple pattern over the sheet cake -- or just eyeball it if you're feeling lucky.

Cake with Pattern
Photo by Allrecipes
Cake Cut Out In Shapes
Photo by Allrecipes

3.) Cut the arms in half.

Robot Arms Cut
Photo by Allrecipes

4.) Cut the stubby end of the arm pieces.

Use the stubby rectangles to add a little length to the robot's legs.

More Length To Robot Legs
Photo by Allrecipes

5.) Arrange the cake on a platter like so.

Here you can see the extra length on the legs. You may need to trim things up a bit if pieces are uneven. The frosting will cover up imperfections, too.

Robot Ready for Frosting
Photo by Allrecipes

6.) Smear with white frosting and refrigerate the robot.

Keep it in the fridge about 30 minutes so the frosting can set.

Robot in Fridge
Photo by Allrecipes

7.) Now it's time for a second coating of frosting.

Pro Tip: You can make metal-grey frosting by combining white frosting with a little black food coloring.

Grey Frosting
Photo by Allrecipes

8.) Add the finishing touches.

Sweet-Tarts make great eyes. Capsule candies are good for eyes and funky panels. Licorice whips make terrific wires.

Candies for Decorating
Photo by Allrecipes

9.) Serve the robots!

This robot cake comes in peace. Technically, it comes into pieces, pieces of delicious robot-appeasing cake.

Finishing Touches Full Robot
Photo by Allrecipes

Check out the video if you'd like a bit more detail:

VIDEO: How To Make A Robot Cake

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