By Leslie Kelly

Who says you have to rough it when you're camping? There's no shortage of equipment and gadgets and techniques that help get meals on the outdoor picnic table in a flash. Of course, this approach is a little different in cooking in your home kitchen. You've got to plan ahead, and give yourself a high five if you're organized enough to do some advance prepping. Here's a mouthwatering brunch menu that'll help get your day going in the best possible way, featuring top-rated recipes.

Camp Breakfast

A one-skillet wonder, where all the incredible flavors of brunch mix and mingle. Keep it super casual and eat straight out of the pan. No extra dirty dishes to wash.

A breakfast of eggs on toast with bacononions and peppers frying on a grill.

Also try:

How About Something Sweet?

These treats could be served up at the end of the meal, if you want to take a relaxed approach. Or, eat dessert first. Either way, you'll be fueled up for a day on the hiking trail, on the beach or just lazing around the camp site. No judgement here.

Photo by Anna Berman

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