By Vanessa Greaves

Meet Hasselback potatoes. Thinly sliced almost all the way through before being fanned out and baked, these fancy-looking spuds were first served at Stockholm's Scandic Hasselbacken Hotel in 1953. And yes, they're still on the restaurant menu. Talk about hot potatoes! But as show-stopping as they look, they're actually pretty easy to make.

Fabienne's Hasselback Potatoes

"I used a Misto can with olive oil and sprayed directly onto the potatoes. Then sprinkled the spices over them." AcaCandy

Photo by FabienneRiesen

Although cooking a Hasselback potato is as easy as turning on the oven, the tricky part is making all those accordion cuts without taking your fingers off. After all, potatoes are round, and round things roll. The answer? Place wooden spoons or flat-sided chopsticks on your cutting board and wedge the potato between them. Not only will that keep your potato from rolling away, your knife won't accidentally cut all the way through the potato. Small potatoes can be cradled in a large spoon for super-easy slicing.

Photo by Look Whos Cooking Now

Once you've sliced your tater, you could simply brush it with butter and sprinkle it with seasonings before baking. Classic. But what about layering slivers of butter and cheese between those slices the way Tasty Kitchen did?

Scalloped Hassleback Potatoes | via Tasty Kitchen

Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes via Tasty Kitchen

You can serve it just like that, or load it with savory bits like crispy bacon, and all manner of toppings. The world, my friend, is your Hasselback.

Loaded Hasselback Potatoes via Damn Delicious

Loaded Hasselback Potatoes via Damn Delicious

What Else Can You Hasselback?

That's just what the food world wants to know. Check it out:

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes | via My Recession Kitchen

Sweet potatoes get in on the Hasselback action, too. Imagine this on your Thanksgiving table instead of the same old casserole.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes via My Recession Kitchen

Hasselback Carrots | via bon appétit

What's up, Doc? These insanely tempting carrots, that's what.

Hasselback Carrots via Bon Appetit

Hasselback Caprese Salad | via Fuss Free Cooking

Hasselback a salad? Why not! Try this money-saving way to make a little mozzarella go a long way by tucking it between slices of tomato. So clever.

Hasselback Caprese via Fuss Free Cooking

Hasselback BLT | via Premediated Leftovers

Add some bacon to that tomato and you've got possibly the most adorable BLT. Ever.

Hasselback BLT via Premeditated Leftovers

Cheesy Hasselback Chicken Breast | via A Happy Cook

Now this is just brilliant. If you can Hasselback a potato, you can apply the same principle to a chicken breast.

Cheesy Hasselback Chicken Breast via A Happy Cook

Drunken Hasselback Salami via Busy in Brooklyn

I'm thinking party appetizer. Amirite?

Drunken Hasselback Salami via Busy in Brooklyn

BBQ Hasselback Tofu | via Healthy Happy Life

Oh, tofu. You never looked so tempting.

Hasselback BBQ Tofu Photo by Kathy Patalsky

What else? Well, any kind of bread's just a Hasselback waiting to happen.

Hasselback Biscuits

Well, butter my biscuits, that looks amazing. How about some soup to go with that?

Photo by Molly

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls

It might not say "Hasselback" in the title, but the slice-and-stuff vibe is there all the same.

Photo by Occasional Cooker

And yes, you can even Hasselback dessert.

Hasselback Baked Apples | via Cooking Light

If you're going to Hasselback everything in sight — and why not — you'll want to know how to keep your knives sharp.

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