By Food*Dude

Panera does it, why don't you?

Bread bowls are a great way to go from "just soup" to "wow, now that's a meal!" Here are some of the best soups on Allrecipes ready to ladle into your edible dishware.

Italian Bread Bowls | Photo by footballgrl16

Potato Soups

Potatoes and bread tie for first place in the carby-comfort-food race. Put together in an edible bowl, there's probably no better way to get—and stay—full!

Golden Potato Soup

Golden Potato Soup | Photo by RACINGGREY

Tomato Soups

Tangy tomato is one of America's favorite soups (just ask Campbell's). When made at home, the acidity really highlights herbs such as basil and rosemary in the recipes below.

Garden Fresh Tomato Soup

Garden Fresh Tomato Soup | Photo by Stella Reynoso

Butternut Squash Soups

Remember butternut squash? The firm flesh turns into a luscious puree which provides the perfect base for sweet fruits and aromatic spices.

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup | SunnyByrd

Creamy Soups

Shrimp Chowder

Shrimp Chowder | Photo by TLLawrence

Cheese Soups

Creamy and cheesy, this can feel like eating a bowlful of dip. It's ok though, it's soup!

Mexican Zucchini Cheese Soup

Mexican Zucchini Cheese Soup | Photo by homeschooler3

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