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By Maryn Liles
Updated August 03, 2020
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You've probably never woken up and thought, "Yay! I get to clean my kitchen today." In fact, if anything, you've probably thought the exact opposite.

But cleaning your kitchen doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. When you have the right tools and gadgets on hand, you can actually make the whole kitchen cleaning experience a lot more fun. (No, really!)

From a futuristic sanitizing wand that kills germs near-instantly to the most adorable llama-shaped duster you've ever seen, these cool cleaning products are guaranteed to make tidying up your kitchen a much more enjoyable task.

1. A Virus & Bacteria-Killing UV Wand

Photo: Amazon

Make quick work of cleaning your kitchen — and have more fun while doing it, too — with the help of this portable UV wand. Its powerful UV light kills up to 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and mold (including MRSA, H1N1 and Ebola) without the use of harsh chemicals in mere seconds.

To sterilize your kitchen counters, just hover the germ-fighting wand over the surface. Or, shine it inside your dishwasher to sanitize and deodorize it quickly. You'll feel like you're from the future every time you use your germ-killing UV wand, in addition to getting your kitchen cleaning done much faster, too.

Buy it: Germ Reaper UV Sanitizer, $60;

2. Dirt-Grabbing Ombre Cleaning Slime

Photo: Amazon

This cleaning slime was originally designed to safely remove dust and other debris from your tech gadgets, car vents, and similar difficult-to-clean areas that are water-sensitive or full of tiny grooves and crevices. However, it's a super fun product to clean your kitchen with, too, since its applications are endless.

From cleaning that hard-to-reach spot behind your kitchen faucet to picking up crumbs that have made their way into the bottom of your silverware drawer, this cleaning taffy — made with disinfectant and anti-bacterial ingredients — will quickly become one of your go-to kitchen cleaning tools. Just don't use it on any areas that come into direct contact with food, since it's not a food-safe product.

Buy it: Tech Taffy Ombre Cleaning Slime, $11;

3. An "Erupting" Volcano-Shaped Microwave Cleaner

Photo: Amazon

Sanitize your microwave and loosen up stuck-on food spills with the aid of this fun "erupting" volcano-shaped microwave cleaning gadget. Simply add vinegar and water to the volcano (or you can use detergent for extra grime-cutting power), and then power up your microwave with it inside. After five to eight minutes, the steam that "erupts" from this clever microwave cleaner will have done its work — and you can simply wipe down the inside of your microwave without having to do any heavy-duty scrubbing. How fun is that!

Buy it: Erupting Volcano Microwave Cleaner, $9;

4. An Adorable (Bendable!) Pink Llama Duster

Photo: Amazon

Did you ever think you'd be looking for places to dust… just for fun? With this silly llama duster on hand, dusting your kitchen's open shelving or wiping down the tops of your kitchen cabinets won't seem like such annoying task. Plus, this kitchen cleaning companion is completely pliable, so you can mold it into any shape you need to make getting into those tight nooks and crannies a breeze. Or, extend this pink polyester duster fully for 19 inches worth of dust-trapping coverage all in one swipe!

Buy it: Llama Duster, $14.50;

5. Personality-Infused Cup-Cleaning Dish Scrubbers

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Not only will these quirky cleaning tools make doing the dishes infinitely more fun, they solve one of your most common dishwashing dilemmas, too! These hilarious scrubbers are specifically designed to fit inside your glasses, targeting those hard-to-reach spots at the base of your cups. So whether you decide to appeal to your inner diva, let your punk side shine, or choose one of the other character styles, you'll want to keep one of these cool cup-cleaning sponges perched by your sink at all times.