New life for leftovers.

If the concept of leftovers for lunch leaves you feeling empty, here's the cure. Wrap 'em up in fresh spring rolls -- for simple healthy lunches, ready in a snap.

Spring Rolls on Plate with Sauce
Photo by Chef John

Slice up your leftover chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, or tofu, and wrap them with greens and fresh herbs, strips of carrots, cucumbers, radishes, bell pepper, whatever you like. Then serve with a tasty dipping sauce. Lunch meats and cheeses are great for wrapping, too. Chicken Caesar? Et tu, it totally rolls.

Bonus: It's a known fact that kids who won't come within a mile of salads will eat the very same ingredients concealed in fresh spring rolls with a little dipping sauce on the side.

Fixings for fresh spring rolls
Photo by Chef John

Too much bother, you say? No way. If you have time to toast bread, you have time to roll up delicious fresh spring rolls.

Make them the night before -- no soggy bread to contend with. Wrap your wraps in plastic wrap, and they stay fresh and delicious. You can also lay them out (not touching!) on damp paper towels and refrigerate.

Watch Chef John tackle the soak and roll. He'll also drop some great ideas for potential fillings.

Need a sauce for that? Here you go.

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Steak Summer Rolls
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