You don't have to be a master chocolatier to turn out homemade truffles everyone will go bonkers for. These quick and easy recipes are your golden ticket to success.

By Vanessa Greaves
March 29, 2017
Easy Decadent Truffles | Photo by laurenm

I'll show you how to take one truffle recipe and change it up simply by rolling it in different coatings, plus I'll share four more easy truffle recipes to try.

Formula for Easy Decadent Truffles and Four Variations

You need only 4 ingredients and an hour of chill time to make these rich, melt-in-your-mouth truffles. After they firm up in the fridge, you can coat them with your choice of coconut, ground nuts, cocoa powder, candy sprinkles, or dip them in more melted chocolate.

Four More Easy Truffle Recipes to Try

These lusciously smooth truffles are made by melting chocolate in heavy cream, with a touch of vanilla or other flavoring (think spirits or liqueuers). Oh, guess what? You just made ganache! That was easy.

Credit: larkspur

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Little bite-size balls of cookie dough covered in chocolate, perfect for TV nights. Watch out, they're pretty addictive. Sort of like that show you love.

Credit: Meredith

No candy-making experience required for these popular truffles. If you can crush cookies, you can crush this recipe.

Credit: Meredith

Peanut butter and cream cheese get together in the most delicious way. Dip in white or dark chocolate — it's up to you. You can roll the mixture into balls, or press it into candy molds to make shapes.

Credit: Christina

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